As of June 2016 the Canton Advertising Federation is currently in hibernation.
The Canton Advertising Federation has been around for 68 years, but it has recently become a struggle to get people involved. In both leadership positions and event participation, commitment to the club isn’t what it used to be. We are losing a number of board members for various reasons this year, and can’t find replacements.
Your club’s recent presidents and trustees have struggled to keep the club going, trying to modify our activities and find ways to increase engagement. We met with a district-level AAF representative regarding our situation. He had many ideas about what other chapters have done to encourage participation; we’d already tried all of them.
So after much discussion, including meetings with many of our large-agency
leaders, we are putting the Canton Ad Fed in partial hibernation.
What does that look like?
  • You will not be solicited for membership in the coming club year (2016-2017)
  • There will be no formal board of trustees, although some current trustees will remain involved as “caretakers”
  • There will be no meetings or CAF-organized events

A group of interested members will meet in the spring of 2017 to evaluate the situation and decide whether to keep the club on life support or pull the plug.

The Akron Advertising Federation extended an offer to active
2015-2016 members to participate in all of their events – including
ADDYs – at member rates.  Check out their website at aafakron.com
to learn more.